5/5/24: Re-added the site map and the not_found page, added the microblog, added a new art inspiration (Ghost Gods), fixed various errors and bugs

5/5/24: Added pages that were missing from the site like sitemap and 404 page!

5/4/24: Another site redesign! Everything is still here mostly, just moved around!

4/14/24: Added the Pokemon shrine!

4/11/24: Added new art page background!

4/6/24: Added a banner to the site, rearranged the links page, added more site buttons, re-added the writing section, and added an email to contact me at!

3/24/24: Added an avatar to the main page!

3/23/24: Website visuals revamp, added an art inspirations page, and a museum page!

2/26/24: Added social media links, edited home page.

2/12/24: Added update Iframe, deleted Garden (I never felt like updating it :/), temporarily took down the Cosmic Horror shrine to rebuild it.

2/10/24: Made I frame for website updates, added website to-do

1/22/24: Deleted writing page, small fixes around site, and added Cosmic Horror Shrine!

1/8/24: Updates to favorites page and sitemap!

12/12/23: Small tweaks everywhere, deleted essays, created proper digital garden, more favorites added

10/30/23: Just some very small tweaks, also Happy Halloween!!