Glamour Beast
Personal site and play space!
“Despite everything it’s still you.” – Toby Fox, Undertale
“The only thing I do know is that we have to be kind. Please, be kind. Especially when we don't know what's going on.” – Waymond Wong, Everything Everywhere All at Once
“A heart is a heavy burden.” – Sophie Hatter, Howl’s Moving Castle
“Welcome to Sadness. The temperature is unbearable until you face it.” – Lorde, “Secrets from a Girl (Who’s seen it all)”
“But what if… What if everything changes… again?” “Marcello, oh… It will.” Marcel and Nanna Connie, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On
“The desert seems vast, even endless. And yet, scientists tell us that somewhere, even now, there is snow.” – Cecil Baldwin, Welcome to Nightvale

Meet the Webmaster!

Name: Anno
Age: 20s
Job: Archivist
Nationality: American

I have a variety of interests that I feel passionatly about! I love the Horror in all of its forms and am an avid consumer of horror films, TV shows, and books. I love Animation; it's a medium I have been passionate since I was a child. I grew up primarily on Cartoon Network shows in the 2010's like Codename: Kid's Next Door and Foster's Home for Imaginary Kids, and my love for the medium has continued into the modern day :). Drag is an art form I have only become interested in in more recent years but it has stolen my heart and inspires my art work quite a lot. Lastly, My more academic interests include librairies, museums, and archaeology. I have a deep love for the preservation of human knowledge, culture, and ideas, and I find all ancient cultures and history truly fascinating. To see the specific media I love, go check out my Favorites page page, where I collect all of the media that I love!

Questions and Answers!

Why did I make this site?

My goal with this website is to make a corner of the web for myself that is completely my own. I have other social media accounts to share my art, as neocities is not exactly the best place for that, But I would say that those accounts are just extentions of this site, which is where my current internet home is. I like that making your own website gives you the ability to shape exactly how you want others to interact with your thoughts, ideas, and creations.

Why "Glamour Beast"?

The name glamour beast is inspirired by multiple sources. The first is drag queens! Many drag queens aspire to glamour and the austentashiousness associated with it. I myself have always enjoyed glamour as well. Wether it be jewlery, beautiful clothes, or flawless makeup. "Beast" comes from my love for the idea of the monster; for the creature in the night all of the townsfolk fear. Wether it be the antagonist of a horror film or a friend you fight alongside in a series like Pokemon, I think the designs people come up for monsters and the cultural ideas behind them are truly fascinating.

Whats that floating head thing up there?

That's the Glamour Beast! They are essentially an artist-sona of myself to act as my face online :) You may see them popping up around the site as time goes on!